RV Detailing

Protecting Your Investment
Exterior Detailing
  • Exterior of RV is thoroughly washed, top to bottom, beginning with the roof being scrubbed, rinsed, and protected.
  • Next, the RV is given a foam snow bath and hand washed before being rinsed with spot-free water and dried top to bottom.
  • At your request, a liquid hand wax, professional RV wax, or professional RV sealant is then applied to all painted surfaces of your RV’s exterior.  Professional RV waxes and sealants are applied using a dual action polisher.  This will protect your investment from the harmful effects of the environment, such as the sun, rain, road grime, tree sap, bugs etc. while at the same time removing light swirl marks and oxidation to leave behind a brilliant shine in the process.
  • Tires and wheel wells are cleaned and protected.
  • All rims, as well as exterior chrome/aluminum are cleaned, polished, and protected.
  • Windows cleaned to a streak-free perfection.

Interior RV Detailing
  • Thorough vacuum of all carpet, upholstery, cabinets, etc.
  • Steam cleaning of all carpet and upholstery to remove stains as well as kill bacteria and odors.
  • Deep clean and sanitize all interior surfaces, including bathroom and kitchen.
  • Any tile floors scrubbed and mopped.  
  • All windows and screens cleaned streak-free, inside and out.

Synthetic Sealant

12-18 Months Protection

Premium Wax

8 Months Protection

Liquid Wax

4 Months Protection

Interior Detailing

Starting at $150