Standard Detailing

  • Exterior Hand Wash with Spot-Free Water.
  • Using a dual-action polisher, a Professional-Grade Caranauba Wax is applied to all painted surfaces of your vehicles exterior, removing light scratches and swirl marks, leaving a glossy protected surface.  This wax is very durable, giving up to 6 months of protection from the desert sun.
  • Tires and rims and wheel wells are thoroughly cleaned and protected.
  • Chrome surfaces are cleaned a polished.
  • Your vehicle interior is thoroughly pre-vacuumed, including trunk.
  • All carpet and upholstery is steam cleaned using a natural cleaning solution, leaving your carpet fresh and clean, without the soapy residues.                                                            
  • Leather is cleaned and conditioned, protecting it from harmful UV rays, drying, cracking, and fading.
  • All interior plastic and vinyl is deep cleaned and protected.  Including the dashboard, air vents, steering column, console, cup holders and more.  Every nook and cranny will be covered.
  • All door jambs and seals are cleaned.
  • All mirrors and windows cleaned inside and out.

Cars & Small Trucks


Mid Size SUV's


Large SUVs/ Trucks/Mini Vans